Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

The Most Essential Things To Know When You Need An SR22 Form

by Sue Palmer

After getting a DUI or too many major traffic violations, you should not be surprised to discover that you need an SR22 insurance form. If you need this, you will receive a letter, or the court will tell you. In either case, you could choose not to get it, but you would suffer consequences from this decision. You could also choose to get it, which is the better option of the two. Here are three essential things you must know about SR22 insurance if you need it.

SR22 Is Not Insurance Coverage

Many people mistakenly believe that SR22 is insurance coverage, but it isn't. It is a form that proves you have insurance coverage, and you can only receive this form if you buy an auto insurance policy. So, while it is not insurance coverage, insurance coverage is a necessity to get an SR22 form.

SR22 is a form that your insurance company provides to you and the DMV that states you have auto coverage. The insurance company will also send a form to the DMV if you lose the coverage you have. If you do not buy a policy that includes the SR22 form, the state may suspend your license.

You Can Choose the Company That Provides the Insurance Coverage

The second thing to know is that you can choose the company that provides the SR22 form. You have the freedom to shop around for coverage, and you should call at least two companies for quotes. SR22 plans cost more than standard auto policies, but this is because people who need them are high-risk drivers. Insurance rates are always more expensive for high-risk drivers.

You Cannot Allow a Lapse in Coverage

Unless you want to experience severe consequences, you should not allow a lapse in your coverage. A lapse in coverage is a period when you have no insurance coverage. If you even allow a short lapse, you will lose the credit for the time you already had a policy. You will then have to start over with the timing requirements set by the court. It is never wise to let an SR22 policy lapse, as it will result in consequences.

If you want to drive with a legal driver's license, you will be able to if you purchase an SR22 insurance plan. To get a quote for this type of coverage, call an auto insurance agent in your area.


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