Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

Less Common Types Of Commercial Insurance

by Sue Palmer

Commercial insurance is used to insure all sorts of businesses, and some of those businesses are less common ones that have particular needs. In order to meet these businesses' particular needs, insurers offer a variety of commercial insurance policies that aren't necessarily common but are extremely useful in certain situations.

CBD Commercial Insurance

CBD commercial insurance policies are a relatively new form of commercial insurance, and the broad category itself encompasses an array of different insurance policies that various businesses in the CBD industry might need. There are CBD policies available for growers, distributors, dispensaries and other businesses in this space.

The vast majority of companies that make or sell CBD products need CBD insurance because no other insurance policy is designed with the risk factors that CBD presents in mind.

Condo Association Insurance

Condo associations might not function as for-profit businesses, but they're still business entities in the eyes of the government and insurers. As a result, they need a commercial insurance policy to protect themselves.

The type of insurance that condo associations purchase is simply called condo association insurance. This is a commercial insurance that includes both property and liability protections for the common spaces in condominium complexes. A policy will insure everything from landscaping and common walls to pools and playgrounds on a property.

Solar Farm Insurance

Solar farms might seem like low-risk businesses, but they invest a lot in solar panels and other equipment -- and much of that equipment is continually exposed to the elements. In order to protect against potential damage to their equipment, solar farms need specialized property insurance coverage.

Solar farm insurance provides those specialized property insurance coverages that solar farms need. It includes commercial property coverage for equipment that's installed on owned or leased land, as well as inland marine coverage for equipment that's being transported to a site. Equipment breakdown coverage also is available, and it protects against malfunctions.

Body Piercing Insurance

Body piercing insurance is widely purchased by piercing parlors and tattoo shops that offer piercings. This type of commercial insurance covers non-ear piercings, which may come with a slightly higher risk than ear piercings.

Policies that offer body piercing insurance come with many liability protections in case something goes wrong during a piercing. In addition to general liability coverage, there's professional liability coverage that guards against mistakes employees make and molestation or abuse coverage that guards against allegations of impropriety during a piercing.


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