Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

Updates You Can Make To Your House That May Lower Home Insurance Costs

by Sue Palmer

Did you know that making updates to your home may provide you with discounts on your home insurance? There are all kinds of changes you can make to a house that will accomplish this goal. Not only will completing these updates help you save money on home insurance, but they will also improve the looks, safety, and value of your home. Here are some updates that may result in a discount on your home insurance policy.

Replacing the Roof

The roof on your house covers it and protects the entire structure, so it is no wonder why insurance companies offer discounts when homeowners replace their roofs. Replacing your roof makes your home more secure against storm damage and water leaks. While it may cost a lot to replace it, you will likely see a decrease in your home insurance bills after completing the project. The discount may not make the project worthwhile, but replacing a worn-out roof offers many benefits beyond the discount you receive on your home insurance.

Installing Surveillance and Security Features 

Secondly, you may qualify for a discount on your homeowner's insurance if you install surveillance and security features to your home. For example, you could install a home security system to improve the safety of your home. You could install video cameras outside your home to improve the security on your property. When you invest in these things, you reduce the chances of vandalism occurring. The result is a discount on your home insurance premiums.

Updating the Plumbing or Electrical Systems

The third option to consider is updating your plumbing or electrical system in your house. If either system is old, you might be paying for the additional risks associated with outdated plumbing and electrical systems. With an old plumbing system, you have a greater chance of experiencing water damage in your home. With an old electrical system, you have a greater chance of an electrical fire breaking out in your house. By updating these systems, you greatly reduce the risks of these problems occurring in your house. When you reduce the chances of filing claims, your insurance company will reward you by lowering the rates you pay for your coverage.

Are you interested in reducing your home insurance rates? You might be able to by following these tips, but there are many other ways, too. Call a local home insurance agent to find out how.


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