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Insure Your Future

Helpful Advice for Commercial Property Owners Working with Fire Damage Insurance Adjusters

by Sue Palmer

If you have a commercial building that was recently damaged by a fire, then you'll be working with a fire damage insurance claims adjuster. Even if you've never worked with this professional before, this entire process can go smoothly if you remember this advice. 

Create a Damaged Items List 

After a pretty bad fire, it's common for a lot of the equipment and materials inside to have damage. It's thus important that you take some time to put together a list of these items. You can then maximize your claim amount and have an easier time moving on from this whole ordeal. 

When making this list, try thinking about what items you still have even though they've been damaged by fire. Make sure you hold onto these items because it makes the claims process much easier to deal with since you have tangible evidence. Be honest when making this list too as you don't want legal trouble because of fraud. 

Include Relevant Information 

Before a fire damage insurance adjuster makes their way out to your commercial building, they first need a lot of information. It's important to include it with your claim so that this process doesn't drag out and cause you further stress. In addition to a list of items that were damaged by the fire, you also need to know their full value, when this loss occurred, the location of the fire damage, injuries involved, condition of your building, and a police report. Including this information in the report will help you overcome a lot of obstacles.

Gather Repair Estimates

So that the fire damage insurance adjuster gives you a fair compensation amount for the damage that resulted, be sure to gather repair estimates from contractors. You can then show them to the insurance adjuster. 

It's important to get multiple estimates done on the repairs that are necessary, as well as have the contractors explain exactly what's required. Thorough quotes will prevent the insurance adjuster from taking shortcuts and not giving you everything you're owed. You'll then get the right amount of money that will be needed to deal with the aftermath of a fire. 

There may be a time when your commercial building and the items inside get damaged by a fire. As long as you approach these meetings with organization and competency, you can speed up the process and get everything you're entitled to. Contact fire damage insurance claims adjusters for more information. 


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