Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

Protecting Yourself Against Flood Losses

by Sue Palmer

Flooding can result in the destruction of your home and extensive damage to the surrounding property. To protect yourself from these losses, it can be necessary to carry flood insurance for your home and property. Despite the fact that flood insurance is a common type of protection for homes and property, individuals that are new to the responsibilities of owning real estate can dramatically underestimate the need to carry flood insurance at all times for their property.

Appreciate The Limits Of Your Home's Basic Insurance Coverage

A home's general insurance policy will often provide some level of protection against flooding, but it will be extremely limited. In most cases, this protection will be limited to flood damage that resulted from pipes rupturing or other plumbing-related problems. Generally, flooding that is the result of storms will not be covered under one of these policies. Rather, a property owner will be required to purchase a separate policy that is designed to cover the damage that a flood could cause to the property.

Avoid Assuming That Flood Insurance Is Only For Homes That Are Near Lakes, Rivers, Or Other Bodies Of Water

While homes that are located directly near bodies of water will benefit the most from being protected against the costs that a flood could create, this is a protection that any property should have. Flash flooding is a threat that can occur virtually anywhere if a heavy enough downpour occurs. Luckily, those that live further away from bodies or water or that are in otherwise elevated areas may enjoy lower flood insurance costs due to the lower risk of this problem arising. Reviewing the local flood history of the property can help you assess ahead of time the likely costs that you will face when buying flood insurance for your property.

Opt For Sufficient Coverage To Protect Yourself If A Flood Occurs

When you are in the process of choosing flood insurance protection for your property, there is a need to be sure that you are choosing a policy that is able to provide adequate coverage for the possible damage that the property may sustain during a flood. A good rule for choosing property coverage is to base the amount of coverage on the value of your home and the belongings inside it. In the event of a major flood that destroys the home, this will ensure that you receive enough compensation so that you will be able to rebuild the home and replace the items that were lost.


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