Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

Some Car Insurance Discounts You Should Be Aware Of

by Sue Palmer

When you are looking for insurance quotes for your car, then you don't want to forget that there are a lot of discounts available that will bring down the rate you will pay for your coverage. Some of these discounts are given because the type of car and its features make it a lower liability for the company. Some of the discounts are given because the specifics you give about your lifestyle indicate you would be a lower liability. Some of the discounts are given because the area you live in or the way you store your car indicates it would be a lower liability. Here is more information on just some of the many discounts car insurance companies may offer: 

Car safety feature discounts

Car insurance companies tend to give discounts for policies where the car possesses certain safety and security features. An example of such a feature would be an alarm system. When a car has an alarm system then it decreases the chance it will be stolen and the chance the insurance company may need to pay a claim. Therefore, an alarm system can equal savings for the driver. 

Garage parking discount

Insurance companies can offer a discount for parking the car in the garage at home. When a car is parked on the street, there is a chance of it being damaged by another car, by someone running into it with a bike, by kids who hit it with a ball, or something else, and there is a greater chance of it being stolen. So, you can sometimes get a discount on your policy when you let the company know that your car will be housed in the garage when you are at home. 

Medical professional discount

Many companies will also offer discounts to those who work in the medical field. It looks good for the company to show its support for medical professionals. Plus, the medical field is a prestigious field, and those who hold positions like that of a doctor or nurse tend to drive safer and ensure their cars are cared for in a way that decreases the chances of something happening to them. 

Law enforcement and military discount

It's also good to look for a company that supports law enforcement and the military, and this is just one more of the many types of discounts that are often offered. As with medical professionals, law enforcement officers and military personnel also tend to follow the rules of the road. Being in these fields, they are expected to follow a certain code of conduct, even in their off-time and this helps ensure they are less risky.


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