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Insure Your Future

Telltale Signs You Need A New Medicare Insurance Advantage Plan

by Sue Palmer

Most people who buy Medicare insurance primarily focus on the original plans (Part A and B), while others get the drug plan. However, you might have decided to sign up for the Advantage plan offered by numerous private insurers. Many prefer this plan because it pays for a host of additional services like eye exams and dental care. The original Medicare plans cannot cover these services.

But, at some point, you may need to change the Advantage plan due to some circumstances. This post will share signs that confirm it's time to change your Advantage plan.

You Cannot Afford to Pay the Rising Costs

Whenever the Advantage plan administrator sends the notice of a change, they will outline all the changes the policy will undergo. If you read through and realize that the plan expenses will increase and you cannot afford to cover the costs, you can switch plans or explore other solutions. 

A good option is to check if there is another affordable plan. Note that premium prices can stay the same or even reduce, so get information from reliable sources to make a smart decision.

The Benefits You're Paying for Aren't Being Used

The main reason why you need an Advantage plan is to get supplementary benefits. However, if you aren't using the extra benefits, you should consider changing the plan. Maybe the Advantage plan you took covers your gym membership costs or provides discounts or transportation costs whenever you need to see the dentist. If you don't require most of the extra benefits, you can choose to find another plan with fewer benefits for a lower rate.

Your Health Condition Has Changed

Every time your health situation changes, you should consider switching to another Medicare plan to ensure your needs are met. So, if your health care requirements have changed, and the old policy doesn't meet your current requirements, get a different plan. Ensure the new plan accommodates the condition you have been diagnosed with better.

The Providers You Prefer Aren't In-Network

Generally, the original Medicare allows you to access many doctors and other healthcare providers. The Advantage plans, on the other hand, limit their enrollees to create a narrow network. 

You can switch policies if your preferred providers are no longer in the network under your Advantage plan. Ensure you get a new policy that will allow you to see your preferred providers. You will need to conduct extensive research before getting a new plan to make a smart choice.

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