Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

  • When To Compare High-Risk Auto Insurance Quotes

    One of the best ways to save on any insurance policy is to compare rates offered by different insurers so that you can choose the most affordable option. While you're welcome to compare high-risk auto insurance rates at any point in time, there are a few key times when you're most likely to find savings. Here's when you should compare high-risk auto insurance quotes. When You're First Classified as High Risk

  • Significance Of Information You Can Gain From A CLUE Report

    A Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange (CLUE) report contains a history of homeowner's insurance claims for a property. According to, the CLUE report goes back five to seven years. The report captures various details that can help you understand a property, the property's risks, and its insurability, among other things. Here is some of the information you can glean from a CLUE report. Previous Major Damage A CLUE will inform you if a property has experienced major damage in the past.

  • 3 Liability Risks That Restaurants Face And Need Insurance For

    Restaurants serve a lot of customers and have multi-faceted operations, and this combination exposes restaurants to a variety of liability risks. If you run a dining establishment, here are three liability risks that you should get insurance for. 1. Someone Slips and Falls at the Eatery One of the most common risks that many businesses face is the potential of a slip-and-fall injury. Should someone who visits your restaurant slip, trip, or otherwise fall, your business could be held financially liable for any injury that results from the fall.

  • Does Auto Insurance Cover Bike Accidents?

    You're used to your auto insurance accident covering you on the road, so if bikes go on the road, does auto insurance cover bike accidents? Here's what you need to know. If You Hit a Bike With Your Car If you hit a bike with your car, it would be handled just like any other auto accident claim. Assuming you were at fault, the liability portion of your policy would cover the bike rider's injuries plus damage to their bike.

  • How Location Affects Home Insurance Rates

    You should know which factors affect your home insurance rates. The knowledge can help you manage your rates, among other things. For example, location is one of the things that affect home insurance rates. Here are some location-dependent factors that affect home insurance. Natural Disasters Home insurance typically covers some disasters and excludes others. The type of policy you have determines which disasters your coverage applies to. For example, some basic policies do not cover damage from falling objects or snow weight.

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