Insure Your Future

Insure Your Future

  • Why You Need Medpay Coverage

    Medical payments (MedPay) coverage is one of the forms of auto insurance coverage that pay for your medical treatment after an accident. MedPay coverage might not be mandatory, but it is nevertheless useful to have. Below are the specific reasons to consider MedPay coverage. Your State Doesn't Have PIP Personal injury protection (PIP) and MedPay can both pay your medical bills in an auto accident. Some states have laws that make PIP coverage mandatory.

  • Why Add A Driver To Your Auto Insurance Policy?

    Auto insurance policies allow you to add a driver to your policy — they might even require it. Below are some of the situations in which the addition is merited. To Satisfy Carrier Requirements Your auto insurance company requires you to add some members of your household to your policy. Your carrier may require you to add every household member that meets the following criteria: Holds a driving license Doesn't have their separate coverage Has access to your car If your carrier has such a requirement, then you commit insurance fraud if you don't add such drivers.

  • Reasons To Hire A Public Insurance Claims Adjuster

    If you plan on submitting a large property loss claim to your insurance company, then you may wonder if you should hire a public insurance adjuster. Public insurance adjusters are very useful and beneficial under certain circumstances. While your insurance companies have their own adjusters, sometimes it's a good idea to hire a separate one on your own. Here is more information about what public insurance adjusters do and reasons why you might want to consider hiring one.

  • Risks That Renters Insurance Does And Doesn't Cover

    Renters insurance offers a broad array of protections for tenants who lease their living quarters, but no insurance policy is fully comprehensive in its protections. If you're a tenant, here are some of the risks that renters insurance does cover and some that it doesn't — along with how to protect against those that it doesn't. Covered: Common Natural Perils Renters insurance includes a variety of common natural disasters and similar perils within its protections.

  • Looking For Cheap Car Insurance? Be Sure To Follow These Steps

    No one wants to pay more than they have to for their regular bills. If you're about to buy car insurance, you may be worried about the price that you will pay. The good news is it's possible to find cheap car insurance. It may take some looking around to find it, but you can make sure that you don't overpay for coverage. If you want cheap car insurance, be sure to follow these steps:

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